Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lost Dog Café's Redskin Sandwich

 Lost Dog Café is a chain of delis in Northern Virginia. I typically would not review it but the sandwich I had was so delicious I felt like I just had to do one.  It is also pretty sweet to note that a percentage of its profit go to help dogs and cats.

 Lost Dog Café really offers up three things; Sandwiches, Pizza and beer and it has an extensive menu for each.   It would have been impossible for me to decide but luckily the three guys I went with all suggested the Redskin sandwich. It is homemade beef bbq, crispy bacon and creamy cole slaw on a toasted sub roll.  I also ordered a side of dog collars, what they call their onion rings.

 The dog collars were totally disgusting; limp and soggy they may have been the worst onion rings I have ever eaten. But luckily the Redskin made up for it 10 fold.   On an 8 inch toasted sub roll was an amazing BBQ bacon mixture covered in deliciously sweet and creamy cole slaw.  Everything about this sandwich was perfect from the smoky beef bbq to the thick chunks of bacon hidden throughout to the creamy cole slaw and the sweet and tangy bbq sauce slathered over all of it.  It was one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had. What set this sandwich apart was the bacon mixed in with the bbq. It was perfection!

I don’t say this often… “Thank you Beans. You were right, this sandwich was amazing!”


  1. It has been nearly 9 years since I left DC to move south. I still miss the Redskin sandwich at Lost Dog café. I am surrounded by great bbq but nothing has ever matched this sandwich. For the record, I like the dog collars and I prefer the Redskin without the slaw.

    1. I know there is just something about the Redskin sadnwich that is mind blowing. I'm thinking that it has to be the bacon but no matter what it is, the sandwich is delicious.

      Thanks for reading!