Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sapori Ristorante Italiano

3513 Festival Park Plaza
Chester, VA 23831

             A couple of years ago the owners of Luca’s in Prince George sold Luca’s and started a new restaurant Sapori Ristorante Italiano in Chester.  While Luca’s is pretty good and serves time honored Italian fare, Sapori is a step above.

            Located in the Chester Village shopping area, Sapori is a large spacious restaurant with subdued décor and a very impressive menu. You can tell that it is trying to cater to a higher end clientele than when they ran Luca’s. While the still have the regular Italian dishes, they specialize in fancier, fresher and more exotic cuisine than your typical Italian restaurant.
            Wanted something light and simple, Amanda and I decided to split the La Vegetariana pizza. While not something that I would usually order, I was very pleasantly surprised with pizza. It came with fresh mushroom, red onion, roasted red peppers, sliced tomatoes, roasted garlic, and feta cheese and only cost $12.  Before our pizza came our waitress brought us a basket of freshly baked bread and a plate of olive oil and spices for dipping. While the olive oil concoction was not as good as what Amanda makes, it was pretty tasty and the piping hot rolls were awesome dipped in it.
It was not long before our pizza came out. This was not your run of the mill pizza that you will get at pizza hut of dominos. This thing was obviously handmade; the crust was freshly made and was nice and crispy. The cheese was perfectly melted and extremely flavorful.  The same went for the vegetables; all of them were fresh, not from a can, and perfectly cook.  The roasted garlic brought all of teh flavors together without being overpowering. Needless to say I was more than impressed.
            I highly recommend checking out Sapori. I know that there are a million Italian Restaurants but they are not all the same and I might have to say that Sapori is one of if not the best in the area. I will admit that the entrees are a little more expensive than other Italian places around but if they are anything like the pizza, I’m sure that they are well worth it.  So this Christmas Season take a break from your typical Italian restaurant and check out Sapori, but what out you might not want to ever go back to your old spot.

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