Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Huzzah BBQ Grill

113 Visitor Center Drive
Wiliamsburg, VA 23185

One would not expect to find any decent food in the Visitors Center of Colonial Williams, especially not a good BBQ restaurant.  Huzzah BBQ Grille may not be the greatest BBQ restaurant in the world but the food, sides and sauces were not half bad. Williamsburg is known for a lot of things but BBQ isn’t one of them, so I was happy to see a new BBQ joint try its hand in the Colonial Capitol.

Huzzah is literally in the Colonial Williamsburg Visitor Center complex, I don't mean Merchant's Square, I'm talking about the real tourist area where the buses go.  Admittedly, the place is built for tourists, everything about it screams fake and for show.  But with that being said, it was extremely clean, our waiter was extremely nice, and they even had some really good VA craft brews on tap.  The only thing that really threw me was that they brought out popcorn for us when we sat down. I felt that that was a little tacky.

I ordered ribs and my brother ordered beef brisket. Both came with corn bread and two sides. The corn bread was very good served with sweet butter. The cole slaw and succotash were actually pretty darn good. It was not very long before we received our food.  The meat was surprising smoky and honestly melted in my mouth, both the ribs and the brisket. The BBQ sauce on both was a thick, sweet tomato based sauce but they had 4 other types of sauces that were on the table, including a mustard style and vinegar based one.  The ribs were actually too tender to have been smoked; I actually ate half of a rib bone without knowing it.

Over all, although Huzzah BBQ Grille was a definitely tourist spot the food was not half bad and very reasonably priced.

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