Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Andy’s BBQ

5233 South Laburnum Avenue 
Richmond, VA 23231

            As you may or may not know there are 5 things that I am passionate about: My Fiancé, my dog, the Republican Party, clothes and BBQ. I try to check out and review every BBQ restaurant I can find; some have changed my life, some have almost turned me into a vegetarian but most are just plain ol’ delicious. Unfortunately, Andy’s is not one of them.

            Nestled in a crappy strip mall on Laburnum near the Airport Andy’s is one of those places that most people will never stop at. Inside the place is dimly lit and looks like your typical BBQ joint; walls covered in goofy signs and what not. We went on a Friday and they had a buffet going on but it was like $15 a person, your whole table had to get it and there was a minimum of four people. I’ve never heard of something so ridiculous in my life. After standing around for about 5 minutes until a rough German lady came from the back to bring us to our seat. We then waited for another 5 to 10 minutes waiting on someone to take our drink orders.

            We ordered chopped BBQ sandwiches for $3 each and an order of hushpiggies for $2.95.  We were planning on eating there but plans abruptly changed so we had to get them to go. Because we got them to go I could not use my buy one get one free coupon, even though nowhere on the coupon did it say that, but oh well.  I’ll never get the chance to use that coupon because I will never go back to Andy’s again. The chopped BBQ was more like mush than it was BBQ and the woman did not put any BBQ sauce in the bag or on the sandwiches, not that big of a deal because their standard sauce was NC vinegar style. 

            I was really banking on the hushpiggies to be its saving grace. They are hushpuppies filled with chopped BBQ and served with their rib BBQ sauce (a tangy tomato based sauce).  These things just sound awesome because hushpuppies are awesome and BBQ is usually awesome. But I guess sometimes two awesomes make something weird. This was one of those times. They were mushy, salty, and for some strange reason tasted like Chinese food. The sauce was not good enough to salvage the hushpiggies.

            Stay away from Andy’s BBQ travel and extra 10 minutes and go to Alamo, your taste buds with thank me. 

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