Thursday, March 8, 2012

Taco Bell's Doritos Locos Supreme Tacos


      As you may have heard or seen, today Taco Bell introduced its new Doritos Locos Tacos. For those who don’t know, this is a typical Taco Bell hard shell taco only the old shell is replaced with a Doritos shell.  They come plain $1.49 or supreme $1.79, pretty steep for a Taco Bell taco. I chose the supreme. The taco comes wrapped in the typical wrapper but inside is a cardboard holder that is plastered with Doritos logo just so you know that the shell is “made” of Doritos.  It in fact is not made of Doritos but is their regular hard shell dyed orange and covered in the Doritos cheesy seasoning.  I started off biased in both directions because I really don’t like hard shell tacos but I love Doritos and I thought that it was kind of a stupid gimmick that would be used to entice stoners, frat boys, and your typical “extreme” guys. I figured these canceled each other out and made my review fair and honest.
                The shell looked like a Doritos chip and the flavoring on it tasted like a Doritos chip but it had the same softish, almost stale texture that all Taco Bell hard shells have.  Once you tasted the taco as a whole it was really kind of a non-event. The Doritos shell blended into all of the others flavors and was lost, which I can’t necessarily say was a bad thing because if it would have been powerful enough to shine through it would have been overwhelming.  You might be able to taste the shell more if you order just the regular taco but I think that it will be too much going on. Overall the new Doritos Locos tacos are almost identical to the regular hard shell tacos, which are ok if you like seasoned meat that is the same consistency and grade as dog food.  The only difference is that it cost a bit more and you get to lick the Doritos cheese seasoning off your fingers after you finish off the taco. For some people the latter will be more than enough to fall in love with the Doritos Locos Tacos but as for me I will stick to the soft shell supreme or splurge for the Chalupas (which by the way is a made up word).

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