Monday, March 12, 2012

Hardee's Southwest Patty Melt


Just about everyone has seen the commercial for this burger. It has a beautiful girl in a beautiful convertible provocatively eating the Southwest Patty Melt. The burger is so spicy and delicious that it causes her to sweat and is so loaded with tasty goodness that drips all over her, much to everyone’s delight. She looks and acts if she is eating the best burger in the world. While eating this burger I felt the exact same satisfaction although, I looked a lot less attractive while enjoying it. The Southwest Patty Melt is a charbroiled beef patty, with sliced jalapeños, grilled onions, pepper-Jack cheese and spicy Santa Fe sauce, all on grilled sourdough bread.

While I have begun to enjoy the spicy side of life more, I am still a lightweight and was worried this burger would be way too hot to comfortably enjoy. Boy was I wrong! Everything about this burger, just like all of Hardee’s other burgers was awesome. I ordered the smallest size they offered, the 1/4lb, and it was still more than enough burger to satisfy my hunger. The burger by no means looked like the one in the commercial but it was delicious. The burger was cooked well, especially for a fast food joint. It was hot and juicy just like they always claim and was covered in warm melted slices of Pepper-Jack cheese. One complaint was that the grilled onions were a little on the skimpy side and faded into the background considerably compared to the other flavors. There were in my opinion the perfect number of jalapenos, just enough for taste and a slight burn but not so many that it scorched my tongue. Some “heat heads” may not like this and will want more for a stronger burn. The same can be said for the Santa Fe sauce. It was very tasty and creamy but I did not find it all that spicy but that might be because there was not gobs of it on the burger but just the right amount to add a nice rich flavor. The only other issue I had was that the grilled sourdough bun, while grilled but who knows when, was a bit on the soggy side and no longer had a crunchiness to it just the flavor of being slightly grilled.

Overall, Hardee’s Southwest Patty Melt was a delicious concoction of flavors which provided my taste buds with pleasure but did not cause 3rd degree burns. The only people who may have a problem with this burger are people who are getting it solely for its heat because the heat is not there. If you want it extremely spicy I recommend maybe asking for a few more jalapenos. I’m sure that everyone else who tries this burger will thoroughly enjoy it. Hopefully Hardee’s will keep it in its arsenal for years to come.

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