Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sullivan's Restaurant & Tavern

100 North Main Street  
Blackstone, VA 23824

            I know that Blackstone is not in the Tri-City area but the meal that I had there a couple of weeks ago was so good there was no way that I couldn’t do a post about it.

            Located on Main Street on the Second floor above a drug store, Sullivan’s Tavern has been serving up good food and good times since my dad was a boy. We were in Blackstone to see their Christmas parade and while the parade left a bit to be desired the meal was awesome. Practically hidden from the road and up a practically vertical flight of stairs Sullivan’s has the look and feel of an old time tavern, wooden everything and large bench seating at the tables. The place is not very big and the dining area probably can’t hold more than 30 people. Its menu is not very large and consists of sandwiches, burgers, BBQ and steaks. I ordered the prime rib sandwich and onion rings for $9.99.

            Because of a large group that came in right before us our food took FOREVER to come out but when it did all of my anguish quickly vanished.  Placed in front of me was a piece of prime rib that would cost at least $20.00 at any other steak house, on a bun with lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo and a side of au jus. Next to the sandwich and almost falling off the plate from lake of room were 5 huge onion rings.  Not only was the prime rib huge it was also incredibly delicious, perfectly cooked, so nice and bloody with just enough fat to make it flavorful.  Covered in au jus sauce that thing was awesome.  It melted in my mouth. The onion rings were also nothing that shake a stick out fried up nice and crispy with a soft and tender onion inside they were a perfect complement to the prime rib.

            To top it all off we ran into my dad’s best friend from grade school and went and had a few drinks in the tavern (a large room behind the restaurant). I would love to go into detail but I have been sworn to secrecy about the events that unfolded that night but needless to say I’ll never look at my dad the same way. Just playing.

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