Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sebra's Custard Kitchen

6335 Courthouse Road
Prince George, VA 23875
- overall

 - Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuit

          Growing up Prince George only had on place to eat and that place was Sebra's Custard Kitchen. After sporting event, after school, or even just as lunch on the weekend the Custard Kitchen was the place to go. Not exactly a restaurant but more than a deli counter, it served up simple eats for us county folks. From hamburgers and hot dogs to sundaes and milk shakes Custard Kitchen would fill you up without emptying your wallet.

           Over the past couple of years more and more restaurants have started popping up around the county and surrounding areas opening up more and different flavor avanues than simple diner food, so I have not really eaten there for quite sometime. But this morning I was working the Courthouse Faire with Amanda right across for the Custard Kitchen and since I hadn't eaten breakfast I decided to stop in and grab a quick sandwich.

        Inside it looks almost exactly the same as it has since I was 5. Simple, economic and a little bland. It has expanded, lost some seating but added a sundae shoppe much like Sweet Frog, well the exact same as sweet frog but with ice cream instead of frozen yogurt. The menu is the same as it has always been, hamburgers, hot dogs, BBQ, BLTs, sundaes, ice cream cones, fries ect. I walked up to the counter and ordered a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit for $2.70.  Sitting down to wait for my order flooded my mind with memories of the place; Ice cream after winning a soccer game, Hamburgers and milk shakes with friends after school and sharing hot dogs with Amanda while on her lunch break from BSV. Suddenly I was startled back into reality as they said that my order was ready. 

       I must admit that I'm not teh biggest breakfast fan but this biscuit was absolutly amazing. Everything was fresh and made from scratch. The buscuit was moist and flakey with a slight buttery taste. The egg was a real egg not that powered junk and had just come off the grill for my sandwich, the bacon was thick, crispy and salty and the melted cheese brought the whole thing together in a harmonious symphany of deliciousness.  I that that it was the best biscuit sandwich that I have ever eaten, simple but executed extremely well.

        While Sebra's Custard Kitchen has a limited menu and doesn't have anything to exciting or adventurous it is family owned and does serve some pretty tasty food. The hot dogs and hamburgers are not a great as the bacon, egg and cheese biscuit I had this morning but they aren't half bad. plus, you can't get much more locally owned than the Custard Kitchen because Mr. Sebra lives in a house right behind the place.

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