Thursday, October 18, 2012

Big Mike’s Burger Shoppe Too

3815 Jefferson Park Drive
Hopewell, VA 23860

                Big Mike’s Burger Shoppe on 460 must be doing pretty well because it has recently opened a new location Big Mike’s Burger Shoppe Too on the other side of Prince George. Located in the “cursed” location that formerly housed Mamasita’s Taco Shop, the Big Catch and Fish Fry to name a few many are hoping that Big Mike’s Too can break the “curse” and last for more than just a couple of months. It looks promising so far with the place being packed most weekdays at lunch. Last weekend Amanda and I decided to try it out last weekend.
                Inside the Original Big Mike’s and Big Mike’s Too could not be more different. While the original is dark, dank and had a very down home feel, Big Mike’s Too is bright, open and airy. If it didn’t have the same name and the exact same menu one would never guess that the two places are connected. Inside there are about a dozen or so tables with comfortable cushioned chairs and soft orange and teal walls. The place was exceptionally clean and well kept. 
Our waitress immediately met us at our table to fetch are drink orders. Since they only served bottled drinks and Amanda I and were both extremely thirsty we both ordered waters. Like I mentioned earlier the menu is the exact same as the Original Big Mike’s; burgers, Big burgers, Huge burgers and Monstrous Burgers along with the usual appetizers, a couple of chicken and fish dishes and assorted sandwiches. Everything sounded very appealing and I am sure is very good. Just like at the Original Big Mike’s I wish that they had creative burgers with different topping to go along with their huge burgers. If they offered a “Western” burger, a “South West” burger, ect. I don’t think that I could stay away. That is what will make Big Mike’s a game changer in the area because even though it is extremely cool I seriously doubt  very many if any people are interested in a $45.00 4Lb burger.
Since I was not very hungry and I had a burger when I visited Big Mike’s on 460 I opted for a hot dog with chili, cheese and slaw for $3.50. I know what kind of idiot get a hot dog at a place called Big Mike’s? Well this guy is that idiot but I’m the one laughing because that hot dog was out of this world.  It was thick and juicy and was covered in delicious chili and cheese and some of the best slaw that I have ever eaten.  Everything tasted homemade and was outstanding.  Sure I could’ve gotten a chili cheese dog for half the price at Valero or 7-11 but who knows what is in those hot dogs chili and if that orange stuff they serve is even really cheese. At Big Mike’s Burger Shoppe Too I knew that what I was eating was the real deal and tasted 10 times better then the junk they sell at a gas station (Timmy’s in Victoria, Virginia excluded).  To get a review of the burgers check out my review of the original Big Mike’s Burger Shoppe,
I was very impressed with Big Mike’s Burger Shoppe Too. Aesthetically it is much more appealing than its big brother and it serves the same great food. I do hope that they expand the topping choices in the future but even as it is Big Mike’s has the best locally owned burger place in the area and their hot dogs are damn good too.

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