Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Turner’s BBQ and Catering

1901 Anderson Highway
Powhatan, VA 23139

                Who would ever guess that nestled next to a gas station in a rundown strip mall in Powhatan County hides one of the greatest sandwiches I have ever eaten? But Turner’s BBQ and Catering has just that.  Every other month I go to Powhatan and Amelia for work and I just so happened that today I had a hankering for BBQ. Not knowing where a good BBQ was in the area I asked my friends on Facebook and I was lucking enough that my awesome cousin April told me to check out Turner’s.

                Like I mentioned earlier Turner’s is located in a dilapidated strip mall attached to a gas station on the Powhatan/Chesterfield line.  Inside the restaurant screams redneck. The walls are literally plastered with Dale Earnhardt, NASCAR, stuffed turkeys and deer. Where these things are not there are pigs in their place. While old and little cluttered looking the restaurant was clean well maintained. I step up to the counter and am greeted by a smiling face waiting for my order.    The only place I see a menu is taped onto the counter directly in front of the cash register.  While not a big deal it did make for a couple of awkward minutes standing in front of the cashier trying to decide what I wanted to order.  I finally decided on a beef brisket sandwich with onion rings and a drink. It came out to just over $9. I grabbed by bottle drink and took a seat at of the 5 tables in the restaurant. While I was waiting I sampled a bit of the BBQ sauce sitting on my table and it was incredibly good, obviously homemade; sweet with a little bit of tanginess to it. Within a couple of minutes I had a monstrous brisket sandwich and about 8 onion rings sitting in front of me. The sandwich was huge thin slices of brisket topped with extremely minced cole slaw piled high in between a fluffy white hamburger bun. I immediately grabbed the bottle of BBQ sauce sitting next to me but as I lifted the bun I noticed that there was already sauce on the sandwich so thank god I decided not to add any extra sauce.  

                As soon as I took my first bite I discovered that I stumbled upon something great. The sauce that came on the brisket exploded with a sweet flavor that perfectly complemented the smoky meat.  The flavors were perfection. The sauce soaked into the buns so that the whole sandwich was infused that delicious flavor of the sauce.  This sandwich would have been a perfect 10 except for the fact that the brisket was not a tender as I had hoped. I was by no means tough but it also did not melt like butter the way some brisket does.  But with that being said this sandwich was still phenomenal and ranks as the greatest thing I have ever eaten in Powhatan county and one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had. 

                I cannot wait until the next time I’m in Powhatan because there are a few more things on the menu that I am dying to try after having that monumental sandwich. If you are ever in Powhatan or North West Chesterfield for that matter stop by Turner’s BBQ and Catering because lord knows I will. I may even inquire about them catering my wedding.

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