Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Brass Monkeys Bar and Grill

12211 Jefferson Davis Highway 
 Chester, VA 23831

             With all of the UNO’s in the Tri-City area closing down new places have slowly begun to take over the old locations. The UNO’s in Colonial Heights has become the Tilted Kilt and the one in Chester has become Brass Monkeys.  Brass Monkeys is your typical large chain bar and grill but with a bit more of an edge.  They serve just about everything under the sun, have TVs everywhere and are decorated with a sports and beer theme. The waitresses at Brass Monkeys seem a little rougher and more biker chickish dressed in jeans and bandanas. 

            I went for lunch one day a couple of weeks ago. I was warmly greeted by the hostess and was quickly seated.  The music was pretty loud so everyone spoke loudly so the place ended up being quite noisy.  While the hostess was extremely nice my waitress acted as if my being there was an inconvenience to her. I saw here exactly 2 times while I was there, once to take more order, once to bring me my food and then I had to flag down another waitress who graciously brought me my check.  So needless to say I was a little more than unimpressed by the service.
            I ordered the BlackJack Burger, a 1/2 lb. Black Angus burger in our house blackjack sauce with melted Swiss and lettuce, tomato onion and may for $9.95 and I upgraded my fries to the River City Onion Rings for an additional 95 cents.  For all intensive purposes the burger was just a burger, nothing special. It was a pretty big burger but it tasted just like any other. The onion rings were ok as well but not special by any means.  I did see a person get their 1lb bacon wrapped hot dog and that looked pretty good and another person got the FAT BOY BURGER a1/2 lb. black angus burger in between two grilled cheese sandwiches topped with a fried egg, bacon, lettuce and mayo. They also serve a crab cake burger which is a burger topped with a crab cake for 12.95. For the life of me I have no idea why I ordered the blackjack burger and not one of these other monstrosities. But I think even they would not have been all that great. I feel that Brass Monkeys suffers from the same malaise that other chain restaurants suffer from; it tries to do everything and masters nothing. 
            Other than the service, nothing at Brass Monkeys was horrible but nothing was great either.  I could practically replace it was any other chain restaurant like Friday’s, O’Charley’s, Applebee’s or Ruby Tuesday and barely tell a difference except for a few minor things.  With that being said Brass Monkeys does have half off burgers and dogs on Mondays and does a Craft Beer Wednesday.  But even with those I will still probably not be going back to Brass Monkeys. It wasn’t my scene and the food was not good enough to bring me back.

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