Monday, July 16, 2012

Vincenzo's Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria

609 Boulevard
 Colonial Heights, VA 23834

                In the Tri-cities, there are more locally owned Italian restaurants than any other type. So far I’ve reviewed three or four of them with mixed results. Some are outstanding and some not worth wasting your money at. A couple of weeks ago, Amanda and I took a day off to celebrate our engagement (thank you for your kind words and congratulations). We were cruising around Colonial Heights looking for a place to eat and decided to try Vincenzo’s Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria. I had been here a couple of time a few years back and remembered really enjoying their lunch buffet.

                The restaurant is currently undergoing and addition so while there is limited parking it is still open and cranking out some delicious Italian food. Inside the place is dark and decorated like every other Italian restaurant I’ve ever been in. Pictures of Italy and pizzas on the walls, a giant chef statue greeting you as you walk in.  A little tacky but hey they all are. We take a seat and our waitress in right there taking our order. We both order the lunch buffet, Amanda gets a coke and I get a water. If you go soon, before they finish their addition, you will notice that the buffet area is a little cramped to put in nicely.  There is plenty of food and options but it’s stacked up on a couple of moveable carts.

                On one side of the restaurant there is a large salad bar loaded with all sorts of vegetables, toppings and desserts. It is certainly one of the nicer salad bars around. On the other side is where all of the “good” stuff is at. There is just about anything that you want. Italian and meatball subs, different types of pizzas, lasagna, breadsticks and a wide assortment of pastas with different types of sauces and toppings. It is all absolutely amazing. Unlike most buffets the food here is not lower quality than what you will find on the menu, it is the exact same. Everything is fresh and warm and new items are being constantly added to take place of the empty dishes. With some many different delicious dishes I can’t write about them all but just to say that everything I ate was very tasty.

                While other Italian restaurants in the area may have better dishes or better pizza, Vincenzo’s Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria has the best lunch buffet. You can find just about anything that you want on it and it will be delectable and for $7.95 you really can’t beat the price. Next time you find yourself with a hankering for Italian around lunch time on a weekday, go to Vincenzo’s and have a little bit of everything.

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