Monday, July 9, 2012

Sideline Bar and Café

10348 Iron Bridge Road  
Chester, VA 23831

                I had been to Sideline Bar and Café a couple of times to sing karaoke but I had never eaten there until I bought a Groupon for half off. I knew that the place of a dive but it is really close to my office so I decided to check it out.
                I met my uncle, Corey, there for dinner one night. Going in it is your typical sports bar; tacky memorabilia strewn across the walls a couple of TVs showing different sports games. Admittedly this one is a little trashier than most. We took a seat at a booth off to the side so we could hear each other talk. We had $20 to spend so I figured that we would just get a couple of appetizers. Our waitress was very sweet although somewhat tired she actually sat next to Corey when taking our order. He didn’t seem to mind; it was probably the most action he’s gotten in a while. We ordered wings, fried pickles, and fried mushrooms and a couple of beers, the perfect bar food.

                We chatted and we drank our beers waiting for our food and watched and people piled in for their mid-week drink. Before too long we had our food sitting in front of us; a huge pile of fried deliciousness. We got half of our wings BBQ and half teriyaki. The BBQ wings had a little too much sauce but the tasted good and the teriyaki wings were perfect. The wings were perfectly fried, with a crispy skin on the outside and tender juicy meat inside. The fried mushrooms were not as good. They were mostly fried breading with a tiny little mushroom in the middle. They seemed like they could have easily come out of a bag and just thrown in the fryer.  The pickles were actually very good but not as described. The menu states that they are spears but when they came out they were slices. With that being said they were pretty good.
                I admit that all I tried at Sideline Bar and Café were appetizers and some may say that you can’t make a real assessment of a place based solely on that but I think I can and I am.  Sideline Bar and Café is a dive. It is your typical bar with typical bar food. The food I ate was not bad it was actually pretty good although very likely pre-made and frozen but it was no different from what you will find at any other bar throughout the area. If you’re in the mood for a drink and some bar food go ahead and check out Sideline Bar and Café just don’t go out of your way to do so.

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