Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Tasty Treat

658 N County Dr  
Wakefield, VA 23888


               On Rt. 460, right as you enter Wakefield is one of the best food secrets of Central Virginia. While everyone else traveling up and down 460 stops at Virginia Diner, (which by the way if you do go there, order the stewed tomatoes and carrot soufflé. You’re welcome!) the ones in the know stop at Tasty Treat for the one and only Fatback Burger. 

            Tasty Treat is by no means hidden nor do people not eat that, it’s just that the vast majority of people only know Wakefield for Virginia Diner. But if they would stop at Tasty Treat just a quarter of a mile earlier, they might add a new reason to talk about Wakefield.  Unlike Virginia Diner, you have to order at the window at Tasty Treat and the only place to sit is at picnic tables under a large tent out front. Even though it doesn’t have wait staff and air conditioning, Tasty Treat has one thing that nowhere else has… The Fatback Burger! 2 1/3 lb all beef patties, topped with Swiss cheese, chili, bacon, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, mustard, and jalapenos. The jalapenos are the only optional item.

            This burger is amazing. The 2 1/3 lb patties are well seasoned and extremely thick and juicy. The rest of the condiments only add to the deliciousness of the burger. They also flow perfectly together with no one item over powering the others. One would originally think that Swiss is a weird choice of cheese but it goes perfectly and goes to show the amount of thought that went into creating this crowning achievement of taste.

Once you figure out a way to fit the burger into your mouth you then have to keep at least a dozen napkins handy to clean your face as the on slot of delicious juices run down your chin. But incredibly, the burger usually stays intact until the last couple of bites which is in and of itself a marvel of engineering. With this being said, DO NOT EAT THE FATBACK WHILE TRYING TO DRIVE!  It is impossible without getting your clothes and the entire driver’s side of the car filthy and very possibly causing you to crash on this already treacherous road.

I will not waste your time reviewing anything else on the menu because unless you are a woman or a child there is no reason in the world to even considered ordering anything other than the Fatback Burger.

So the next time you’re on your way to the beach or Suffolk, stop by Tasty Treat and order a Fatback Burger, You (but not your waist line) will thank me.

Oh ya, by the way, they also have clean restrooms!

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