Monday, February 4, 2013

Alexander’s BBQ

1126 Westbriar Dr  
Richmond, VA 23238

- Alexander's BBQ

- Hanging out with Ross

            This last Friday I met a good friend of mine, Ross, in Short Pump for some BBQ for dinner. Ross has been going to Alexander’s BBQ for years and it was a Short Pump staple before Short Pump blew up like it has in recent years.

            Hidden off the beaten path in small little shopping center off of Patterson Avenue, you can easily miss Alexander’s BBQ even if you’re looking for it.  Inside, it is bare bones; a walk up counter with a menu behind it, a tiny bar hidden off in a corner is an adjoining room, about half a dozen tables and chairs and a couple of BBQ awards won in the 90’s and early 2000’s on the walls.  It was very down homey but in a good way.

            The menu was simple with chopped bbq, ribs, bbq chicken and a few different sides like cole slaw, fries, onion rings and potato salad.  On Ross’ advice, I ordered the Super Q; a sandwich topped with 1/3lb hand chopped BBQ pork baked in their own special sauce and topped with cole slaw for $3.65 and an order of beer battered onion rings for $2.29.  In about 5 minutes our food was ready. The Super Q was super huge with finely chopped pork and cole slaw.  I topped it with some more BBQ sauce which was a sweet and tangy tomato based sauce that had a slight vinegary taste.

            Like I said the pork was finely chopped and did not have much smokiness to it but it was still very moist and flavorful. The cole slaw was nice and sweet which went well with the juicy pork and tangy bbq sauce.  The whole sandwich was placed on a sandwich press that gave the bun a warmth and crunch that you don’t find with many BBQ sandwiches.  Overall the sandwich was very big and tasty; a great value for $3.65.   The onion rings were prefect crispy and crunchy with a sweet soft onion inside. They were some of the best onion rings I’ve had in a while.

            Overall I really enjoyed Alexander’s BBQ and especially how it was a nice home town hidden gem right next to the crowed consumerism that is Short Pump.  I prefer a smokier, pulled pork style BBQ and a thicker cut cole slaw but Alexander’s was still very good and an amazing deal for the price.   So if you’re in the Short Pump area and you want to get away from the crowds and traffic and still enjoy a delicious meal check out Alexander’s BBQ.

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