Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Firehouse Subs
King’s Hawaiian Pork and Slaw Sandwich

            If the United States was sane, Ron Paul would be President, Old Crow Medicine Show would be the most popular band in the world and there would be more Firehouse Sub and Jersey Mike’s restaurants than Subways. But unfortunately, the people of the U.S. are not as smart as would hope but luckily we are no all fools and one of these intelligent people used their brainpower to create Firehouse Sub’s new King’s Hawaiian Pork and slaw sandwich.

            The pork and slaw sandwich is a limited time sandwich that that has “Steaming hot 12-hour smoked pulled pork, pepper jack cheese, and Hawaiian cole slaw, piled high on toasted King's Hawaiian® bread for an eruption of island flavors”.  I am not exaggerating when I say that this sandwich is amazing. The pork is moist and tender, the slaw is thick and crunchy while at the same time is very creamy, topped with melted pepper jack cheese and piled on a soft and fluffy King’s Hawaiian roll. Everything about this sandwich is delicious.

            Obviously the smoky pork pairs perfectly with the sweet and creamy cole slaw and King’s Hawaiian sweet bread goes well with everything on earth.  The cheese was hidden in the layers of other flavors so I don’t think that it added very much but it defiantly did not hurt anything.  The only weird thing was the slaw to pork ratio. There seemed to be more slaw than pork which is a little weird but since it tasted so good I couldn’t care less.

            This is a great sandwich and it needs to be tried by everyone before it’s gone. I swear if you eat at Firehouse House subs or Jersey Mike’s you will never want to step foot in Subway again unless of course you’re Michael Phelps and they’re paying you to do so.

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