Monday, June 4, 2012

Three Frogs Grill

10020 C Chester Road
Chester, VA 23831

       To be totally honest I did not expect much from Three Frogs Grill. It has a silly name and is located in a weird location on Chester Road. But even with all of these pre-conceived notions I still really wanted to check it out because it is close to my office and who knows it might be a diamond in the rough. I finally got my opportunity on Thursday; I just got paid and I forgot to bring lunch. It was a perfect storm forcing me to eat out, which I try not to do very often. 

Three Frogs Grill is right off of 288, in a fairly new strip mall that has already seen a few places try and fail. I walk inside and the place is obviously brand spanking new. So new that there are workers inside still decorating the walls; a little tackily I might add but oh well.  Three Frogs seems to have a little bit of an identity crisis; it is decorated like a kid friendly family restaurant with Frogs everywhere but it also has a decent little bar with a nice selection of beers on tap and a sweet happy hour; $2 drafts from 4-7 Monday-Friday. For some reason it looked and felt like it belonged at the beach not in the middle of Chesterfield County.
As soon as I walked in I was greeted by my waiter telling me I could sit wherever I pleased. As soon as I sat down he was there taking my drink order and giving me a menu.  The menu was small but in a good way; sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, a few entrees, and a couple daily specials. It looked like it was a place that knew what they could do and did them very well.  I decided to try The Yard Bird House Special, a Pulled Roasted Chicken sandwich topped with their Homemade Sauce and Cole Slaw for $7.95 I also upgraded my chips to onion straws for $1.95 (best choice ever).
  Within 10 minutes my food was sitting in front of me, a good sized sandwich loaded with pulled chicken topped with cole slaw and a huge heaping pile of onion straws. At first I thought that the sandwich was missing its homemade sauce but I soon found out that this was not the case. The homemade sauce I came to find out, while delicious, is very watery and had soaked through the chicken and the bottom bun. This resulted in the sandwich literally falling apart in my hands. Undeterred, I scooped up the now open face sandwich with my fork and delved into the chickeny goodness. The chicken was expertly cooked which left it very flavorful and extremely juicy.  The sauce was a honey mustard-BBQ hybrid which was excellent except for the fact that it was watery. If it was a little bit thicker it would’ve been out of this world. The cole slaw on the other hand got lost in the other flavors. While not really a BBQ chicken sandwich because it was roasted not smoked it was a darn good pulled chicken sandwich.  The onion straws were also delicious, nice and crispy and full of flavor well worth the extra two bucks.
            All in all Three Frogs Grill was a very good neighborhood restaurant. It offers a nice selection of foods and has a decent beer selection for a place of its size. I was impressed by it offering two Virginia beers, Legends and Devil’s Backbone.  It was extremely clean and had a very friendly staff. While it looked a little tacky and generic its food was anything but.   I will gladly go back to three Frogs grill and see what else they have hopping off the menu.

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