Friday, May 18, 2012

Farmer’s Kitchen

11601 John Tyler Memorial Hwy
Charles City, VA 23030

         Last weekend I traveled to Newport News to hang out with the guys for the night.  I left home without eating dinner, planning on grabbing something quick and easy on the road. I knew exactly where I wanted to tryout, if it was open, Farmer’s Kitchen.

Farmer’s Kitchen is a food trailer set up off of Rt. 5 in Charles City selling BBQ, Ribs and sandwiches. I pulled up at it around 6:00pm and was surprised at the line. I got very excited; thinking that this means that the food must be awesome. I was VERY wrong. The service was EXTREMELY slow. Walking up the first person in line just finished ordering and the person behind him had actually already ordered so I was the only person in line but for some unimaginable reason I still had to wait 10 minutes to even order. When he finally asked me what I wanted, I ordered a BBQ sandwich with slaw and red BBQ sauce and 4 chicken wings. He warned me that the wings would take 15 to 20 minutes so I decided to against them and ordered onion rings instead. Together it cost me $8:50, not too bad for BBQ and homemade onion rings.
This is where it got really crazy. Being a food trailer I figured that I would be served rather quickly but instead I waited and I waited and I waited and I waited, for twenty minutes I waited until I was finally called. At a restaurant twenty minutes is not a bad wait at all but standing outside of a food trailer it is an eternity.  Once he finally said my order was ready I quickly snatched my food and jumped into my car and hit the road having wasted more than enough time waiting on my food and to order.
The sandwich was rather large and the onion rings were definitely homemade and fresh. As I drove down the road I figured that while I had waited a long time the delicious food beside me was worth the wait, WRONG. The onion rings while freshly made and still warm were extremely bland and tasted like flour and onions no seasonings, no flavor.  I was upset but like I always say, BBQ can never be bad. I no longer say that because this sandwich while big was nasty. The slaw was alright, not great but not disgusting.  The pork was juicy but did not have any flavor of smoke whatsoever.  That could be forgiven but was made the sandwich almost inedible was the BBQ sauce. It had a spoiled tartness to it and tasted like regurgitated BBQ sauce. I do not know if the sauce was bad or if it always tastes that way but no matter what I was NASTY!  
That whole night I was worried that I was going to suffer from food poisoning from that spoiled tasting sandwich.  Luckily I drank enough alcohol to kill any type of nasty food poisoning.  I will never be stopping at Farmer’s Kitchen again. That horrible BBQ sandwich now ranks above Hawke’s for the worst BBQ I’ve ever eaten. I never thought that I would say this but I would have rather eaten a salad.

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