Monday, April 23, 2012

Burger King Frappes and Smoothies

A couple of weeks ago I received a packet of coupons from Burger King in the mail. It included a coupon for one free small frappe and one free small Real Fruit Smoothie. Before work one morning I stopped by Burger King and used my free frappe coupon.  I had a choice of caramel or mocha; I chose caramel.  It was slightly frozen but smooth enough to flow easily through my straw. It honestly looked a lot like the commercials covered in whipped cream and drizzled with caramel.  The frappe tasted awesome extremely caramelly with just the faintest hint of coffee. By the time I reached my bottom my straw was barely usable because it had become so clogged with caramel.  While the frappe was really delicious I doubt that I will be ordering it anytime soon because $2.29 for a small is a little pricey for me.
                At lunch the next day I decided to try out one of the new Real Fruit Smoothies. After my great experience with the frappe I figured that it was going to be awesome.  There is a strawberry banana smoothie and a tropical mango one. I chose the tropical mango. While it had a good mango flavor it did not have the smooth texture and consistency that I was hoping for. The small shards of ice throughout took awhile from the overall experience. My co-worker liked that it was more icy than creamy. Again the drink was on a little expensive and if I do splurge on a smoothie I will get one that is more creamy than icy. 

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